Who is Drake the Docttor?

The first time I met Drake the Docttor he simply went by Drake. "You can't use that name." I told him. He told me it was his real name and then took a cigarette out and smoked it in my face.

I didn't care. I stuck to my guns and eventually Drake relented, rather than continuing to go by the Name of one of Canada's largest musical exports, he added 'the Docttor' to his moniker.

I asked him if he cared that people would think of Doctor Drake Ramorey whenever they heard his name and he immediately produced his drivers license. On the card was a long list of strange names, titles, and objects and Docttor was somewhere in the mix. I was satisfied. The name was perfect anyway.

It's now been about a month since I met him and he's been hanging around the Culcha Shock offices like crazy, constantly spitting out bars and working on his craft. We shot this video one day while walking to Tim Horton's and because Drake the Docttor no longer blows smoke in my face and because he's an interesting character who is working hard on his game, we decided to throw this up here for everyone to see.


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