Kuljit Interviews Brampton's Big Joe

Article by Kuljit's Parmar

Kuljit's Culcha view

Dear readers,

So today I interviewed an artist by the name of Big Joe. He was polite and a very well-maintained

gentleman. We chatted for about 30 minutes. During this time, Big Joe explained to me that he has been in the industry since the age of 16 and that he has learned on his own through hard work.

His genuinely respectful attitude helps me understand that he is serious as well as open about his views when it comes to the state of rap music in his hometown of Brampton.

I asked him how people feel about his work and…

He replied and I quote “when people listen to my songs, they instantly like the music.”

His inspiration comes from wherever he goes and mainly from the beats he’s feeling which is natural for an artist.

Born and raised in Brampton, Ontario. Big Joe has one mix tape released into the world called Introduction Volume 1: Fire In The Booth. I found the album to be pretty new and on point with the attitude attached to the beat. I felt like I was hearing a new style whose era is only coming to light. His collaborations personify the talent of artists we have here in the GTA. Which is no doubt because of th

e diverse and urban atmosphere of Toronto itself.

During the interview I asked Big Joe a few questions relating to his ambitions and views towards the atmosphere of what he does. As a Brampton native rapper, how do you recognize yourself as a local artist in a top tier city for the industry of rapping?

“Brampton is not recognized at a level that it should be because the city looks down on us. I feel that anyone coming from Brampton does not represent the city properly and we need to advocate more." When artists do not want to represent Brampton it makes him feel disappointed and frustrated towards the issue. But with that glimmer of disdain I have hope for the future, as he is working hard to represent his city.

I was very interested in Big Joe's answers and so continued to ask him questions, "In your opinion what is the main discipline you must keep as you present yourself to the public?" i asked him.

His reply was consistency. "The more consistent you are the more chances of being seen and heard and changing the narrative for yourself”. Interesting, I thought.

When I asked him if he competes with other artists in Brampton, he told me he does not look at other artists and that when somebody wants to collaborate he is surprised. He will work with them but he will take leadership because their music does not often relate to his and it would make it difficult to collaborate otherwise.

"What advice would you have for our readers as a ten-year vet in the industry?" I asked him.

"Build a cult fan base" he said and continued. "That is respectable and humble. Cultivate your fan base and keep on the consistency. Good things will happen for you as you progress in your career."

During our discussion we talked about possibly meeting somewhere and discussing more about his music and how he manages to keep busy. It was an interesting conversation and do believe Big Joe is here to make a statement for himself and his beloved City of Brampton.

Kuljit Parmar is a an amateur writer and one of Culcha Shock's main contributors. He is quickly earning his meddle through speed and a unique approach to writing. We are very happy to have him onboard.

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