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Dear Readers,

I spoke to a lovely lady recently by the name of Barbara. Our conversation was regarding her views on Black Lives Matter. I had been following Barbara for sometime on Facebook and Instagram and believed in her pro activist views, this is why I reached out.

Barbara's views are centered around positive steps forward toward a world of less grief. To accomplish this she engages herself in various types of activism; from animals, to

women’s, to all things she believes in.

Barbara explains that policing is affected by the government and that the system has been exposed at discriminatory yet again. We are now seeing a wide variety of protest by everyone black and brown; child, teenager, adult, community, and anyone who can perceive what they are fighting for - more equal policing that would carry out balanced tactical defusing of situations.

"Many people's views towards people of colour are degrading in nature," Barbara says. "Because many people do not go through the system of racism, so they can't understand it and that makes it very difficult for them to understand the stance of colored people. It is by far a state that is unacceptable and must be corrected in today's world in order to proceed towards justice and equality."

Barbara’s views are strong all around when it comes to the justice system.

From bias in judges to the lawyers who conveniently edge out money throughout the communities affected by violence. "The oppression itself has impacted the nation dearly, but there is a big difference between the state of mind to the state of reality." Barbara says. "Because of oppression from the very system that we are meant to elevate from, this middle-class measuring rod does not have a fair start to the race. This is just one example of what the culture looks like among us people."

This conversation with Barbara was a reminder of the drastic changes that must be made in all aspects of the world to maintain stability in our society and it showed me that the steps that need to be taken are right there in front of us. KJ

- Kool Jet is an amateur writer and an avid fan of the WWE.

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