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Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Culcha Shock Enterprises, the brand new start-up company based out of Welland and St. Catharine's has created a new magazine called Culcha Shock. The magazine hit streets in late August and continues to expand. It's goal is to give exposure to Niagara's rap and hip hop scene.

"I see a lot of talent here." says John Davies, co-owner and editor in chief of Culcha Shock Magazine. "You've basically got all these rappers with not enough places to perform locally so not enough people know about them, but a lot of them are really talented and they've all got the hustlers spirit. They're constantly making videos and music and trying to figure out the next big thing. My hope is that with Culcha Shock we can bring new avenues and opportunity for them to share their music and become some kind of local celebrities."

David Tyrell, the other half of Culcha Shock says that fans of hip hop should have no problem finding the magazine which is given away freely. "You can also write to and sign up for our digital subscription." He says. Fans can of course also come here to the website.

Even as Culcha Shock Enterprises is just on the heels of their first issue of Culcha Shock magazine they are already expanding their enterprises with development of several high value internet series based in Niagara and centered around rap, hip hop and entertainment here in Niagara.

- The Niagara Press Coalition

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